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      U.S. Caps

    W, W, and Company is proud to announce its partnership with Mike Stiles of Superior Cap & Regalia Company.  Mr. Stiles produces what are considered to be among the best reproductions of American Civil War era caps, and has a reputation for quality and authenticity.  Mr. Stiles has been reproducing caps since the 1970s, and his attention to detail and desire to make the best possible reproductions is second to none.    
    At this time we are offering only a very few types of U.S. and C.S. caps, but hope to expand to other styles in the future.  
For available sizes please check our in stock page.  If you have a request for a specific size of cap that you would like, please E-Mail me at  


    Federal "Type I" forage cap........................$85.00
    U.S. Sharpshooter Type I forage cap...........$90.00

        This cap is constructed of a fine dark blue broadcloth and lined in dark brown polish cotton.  The interior also features our classic checker pattern leather sweatband which has been neatly handsewn into the hat.  Brim and chinstrap have regulation type enameled finish as found on original examples

    Federal Officer's Kepi..........................................$95.00     
A high quality, commercial grade or officer's quality kepi.  This cap is made of the finest English broadcloth and lined in 100% silk with an authentic quilted top.  Other features include a neatly bound, enameled visor and enameled leather chinstrap.  Sweatband is a lightweight, dark brown finished leather with a stitched top edge.  This cap features the lower crown commonly known as the chausser style which was made popular by NY militia troops and was popular with many officers in the later part of the war.  All details based on original caps that we have examined.