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                                           Wool Flannel Federal Issue Shirt

    Based on an original in a private collection, this shirt represents just one of the three different styles of shirts issued to soldiers throughout the Civil War.  Wool flannel issue shirts have been seen in images as early as September 1861 and a surviving original dates from 1864.  They were issued to both theaters of the war and have been seen from Washington City in the east to St. Louis in the west.

    Our reproduction shirt is made from 100% wool flannel purchased from a still-existing business that provided cloth to the government during the War.  Each shirt features a breast pocket with muslin interior, a two-button placket, one-button “cut away” fold-down collar, shoulder reinforcement straps, white metal paper-back buttons, and our maker stamp (W., W. & Co.) on the inside of the pocket lining.  Shirts will be manufactured in an array of colors originally produced by various Federal contractors: gray (two shades), tan (two shades), dark blue, and red.  As per originals the shirts are made in one size only (44” chest), but special orders for larger sizes will be considered.  Every shirt is machine sewn with black cotton thread and finished with hand-sewn buttonholes.

WOOL FLANNEL FEDERAL ISSUE SHIRT (in-stock basis only)……………$85