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Confederate Enlisted Dress (Frock) Coat............................$275.00

    The most versatile of all Confederate garments, an untrimmed
Confederate frock coat will allow the living historian to portray a number of Confederate impressions from all three of the major theaters of the war, and from any period of the war.  For the Confederate living historian with a limited budget, (aren't we all) an untrimmed frock is the most economical choice, as it will serve as an "all purpose" coat, negating the need to for various different kinds of jackets.

    Our reproductions are made using only the most correct patterns in the business, custom drafted for each order by a master tailor.  Thanks to this you can expect a great fit, and a correct look, right down to the pigeon-breasted chest.  Each coat comes standard with a 9-button front and two interior tail pockets, (with access from outside the fumbling with your tails to get to your pockets!)  Coats can also feature a plethora of various features, such as longer tails, high or low collars, or even collar and cuff trim.  It must be remembered, however, when picking out the type of frock coat you would like to have, a simple, plain frock coat will allow for the most versatility.  

Standard Grade Confederate Dress Coat............................$275.00
-Add $10.00 for collar trim
-Add $10.00 for cuff trim/buttons
-Add $5.00 for an extra patch pocket

-Add $25.00 for vegetable dyed cloth (any type)
-Add $20.00 for functional cuffs, (not very common on enlisted goods)