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Civilian Shirt.......................$65.00 (Dry goods version)

    A common misconception among Civil War living historians is that every item sent from home, and likewise every civilian item was of the “homespun” variety.  This is simply not true.  By the mid 19th century the ready-made garment industry was growing at an alarming rate, and in dry goods stores in every town had a stock of these ready-made items.Econo Grade Civilian Shirt

    Federals!  Tired of itching under your issue shirt?  Documentation shows that the men in blue would send home for everything from underwear to chevrons to tailor-made coats.  The infernal “hair shirt” was a source of much consternation for many soldiers, and a nice cotton shirt was the answer to their prayers for comfort!
    Confederates!  Not every lady left at home had the time or ability to sew!  Many who could afford to do so would buy for their soldiers a fine shirt sewn by a local tailor’s shop.  

    Our "dry goods" shirts are almost entirely machine sewn on an original 19th century treadle sewing machine, (yes it DOES make a difference) yet feature handsewn details where necessary.  Made from varying cotton checks, (samples below,) and with white china buttons, these are sure to make you the dandiest man in the ranks!


Standard Grade Shirt.........$100.00
    Same as above, but with handfelled seams, and hand over-cast details.