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Last updated 1/2/05

-More items in stock including a unique opportunity to own our prototype SA blouse.  Pictures of the blouse are available on request.

-We are back!  Though we never really left I have finally found time to put down the needle and do some work on our internet home.  We have eliminated some items, (commutation jackets, most knit goods and civilian shirts,) and have even lowered the price of our fatigue blouses to $150.00 Finally, we have a very large number of caps in stock, you're sure to find something you like!  Also, keep your eye out for an upcoming bully buy that is sure to be something no one has seen before!

-We have a new number and are now offering 24 hour service, (though you may get our voicemail.)  
The new number is: (517) 303-3609
- After a long wait the RD Trousers page is up, thank you for your patience!
- SUMMER SALE: "CS and US kits":  Get a Confederate frock coat and RD trousers for $400.00!  Get an SA infantry jacket and SA trousers for $400.00!